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At Abbeyfield, our aim is to help you to live an independent life in your retirement.


Whether you are looking for the right accommodation and dont know where to start, or you're interested in finding out aboout what is  available, we would love to speak with you about the options we offer.


Our three houses, in Colyton and Honiton in Devon,  and Taunton in Somerset provide a superb alternative for older people wishing to remain independent with the reassurance of some support, should you require it. 

Outdoor Reading

A less stressful life

What makes Abbeyfield different is our approach

Abbeyfield Colyton Social Activities

Meet new friends
Enjoy the freedom to come and go as you wish

Enjoy your privacy when you want

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How the Story started

“A scheme to bring lonely people together, in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, getting support and creating an atmosphere of companionship from neighbours and family; returning to the community rather than moving away from it."

                                      Richard Carr-Gomm


This was Richard Carr-Gomm’s vision and mission when he started The Abbeyfield Society and continues to be the foundation for all the work we do to help alleviate loneliness; with our residents at the heart of everything we do.

Homely and friendly houses that have established great links within their community, making time for our residents, and enhancing their lives by bringing everyone together remain at the core of what we stand for today.

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